Outlook Password Recovery

Outlook Password Recovery: Now have all your password related difficulties sorted out really easily

  • Have you forgotten or lost your password?
  • Need to quickly recover your password?
  • Feel that you will be more satisfied with a stronger password?

Are you giving YES as an answer to the above mentioned questions?? Well, then have no worries. Help is readily available at hand for Outlook Password Recovery. We totally understand that losing your account password can be very troublesome and the desire for Outlook Password Reset is a very natural one. To help you out this over the difficulty which can be caused due to the above mentioned difficulty this particular tutorial has been written which can be read by all distressed users to have all their difficulties clearly sorted out.

All you need to do is follow the steps to restore the Outlook account back by correcting the password right again as has been described in great detail in the Outlook Password Change steps mentioned below.

  • On the login page type in the URL login.live.com. This will direct you to the page where you can login to Outlook.
  • Once the page opens up type, after typing your e-mail address unique to your e-mail account, select on Can not Access your Account. This will be corresponding to the exact reason behind why you wish to reset your account password.
  • Choose I Forgot my Password radio button as the reason why you are not able to login to your account.
  • In the web page which subsequently opens up, Enter your Microsoft Account ID and the Automatically generated Captcha Code which has been displayed. This essential verification step has been done to ensure that you are a living person and not an automated bot, due to the disruption by which the operation of the Outlook.com servers might get damaged and impair usage by our other users too.
  • Confirm the e-mail address which you much use to get the security code unique to this particular transaction.
  • The one-time security code which you shall be using to login to change the password associated with your account. Then on the online form which had opened up after entering the URL: login.live.com, enter the particular security code which has just been sent to the e-mail account which you had mentioned in the previous step.
  • Once you have entered the security code, then Microsoft will present you the page where you can enter your new password. You will need to enter it twice to for verification purposes and your password will have been changed. Be sure to enter the new password the next time you try to login to your GMail account.

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